Additional Doula Support Options



This package is for the couple who only wants support during labor



  • 24/7 support

  • Resources & referrals


  • Labor support beginning at home or the hospital


  • Help with baby's first latch




One Interview before hiring
24/hr phone, email, text support
Professional Resource Referrals
Discussing Fears and concerns - the fear pain connection
Email close to due date with tips for early labor
Unlimited phone support through early labor.
Postpartum phone, email, text support and emailed postpartum tips and resources
In depth Birth plan session

2 hour in home prenatal visit

This is for the family who wants the support of a doula in pregnancy but not in birth.

Phone support during labor is available

Monitrice Service

Add on


The monitrice provides clinical support by adding this service to your doula package or alone.  

Someone providing monitrice service is one who has training in assessing a woman's vital signs, palpate fetal position, monitoring fetal heart tones, and checking cervical progress

(when requested).

When the woman arrives at the hospital the monitrice then serves in the role of a doula if adding to a doula package, providing no clinical support. If just using this service then no doula support is provided. 

This is an excellent option for women who wish to labor at home as long as possible before arriving at the hospital.  

Are there things a monitrice will not do?   Yes!
* Offer medical advice.  
* Relay your consent or non-consent to the hospital staff or care provider on your behalf.  
* Make decisions for you.

*Deliver your baby unless you are a midwife client