Birth Photography

Why I am a photographer:

" To me, Birth Photography is the most important kind of photography there is.

It captures the first day of a new persons life. A person who will one day have hopes and dreams and desires. Maybe even kids of their own. This little baby that you planned for, or who surprised you. or one you are keeping safe for someone else. This is the day they become them. For the rest of their life, they will be them. They will learn and grow and have all of the things. But this day.. The day they were born. It is forever their day. 

The day you first heard their sound. touched their hair and toes. The first time you felt them on the outside.

No matter if that day was a good day, a hard day or a bad day. It is their day!

They do not care how you look, how bad you think you smell.

They just want you.

All of the super hero you are, even if you do not know it yet.

Its not just pain. or blood. or this ugly time you don't want to remember how you looked or what you did to get your baby out.

It is the day you didn't care about that stuff, so that you could embrace your baby!


And you may not know it.

But I see it.

I see the tears of pain and joy. I see the smiles and the moments you think are too big!

I see the worry in your partners face or the supported encouragement. I see the awestruck astonishment of your power, of your vulnerability. of your beauty

                                                                        Its so much more then what you think it is.

I see the moment you work so hard for, to bring your baby into this world. No matter how you choose to birth.

And then I see it. the moment the world stops. The moment when your baby cries and all that stuff.... fades away


you all are a new family.

In that moment you transform into superhero, warrior, goddess. A woman becoming a mother

Its the moment your love story begins.

The moment that starts all the other moments in your new life.

The first time a father experiences love like no other he has ever felt in his life.


Birth Photography shows:

The love you share, your strength, your power and your connections.

: Life. "

On call for you in the weeks surrounding your due date and will arrive to your birth while you are in active labor.


Will stay through the delivery and for 1-2 hours after your baby is born to capture those first few special moments.


You will get to choose your 10 favorite photos from an online gallery.


If you decide you want more than 10 photos, you can purchase additional photos for $25 each.

Online album

Basic Photography Package - $850

Moments to Remember Package - $1250

During  Labor - Delivery and up to the hours after

   50+ digital photos   

   All edited digital photos with copyrights

   an online album with copyrights  

Slideshow and storyboard

Printed Photo Book with pictures*


On-call 24/7 from 38 weeks until the time of delivery,
Time spent with you during active labor and up to two hours after the birth,

   Discount on prints 


additional sessions

Photography and Professional Video Recording - $1550

Capture the birth of your sweet baby in pictures

and a

Recorded video set to music


- All edited digital photos

an online album