Exercise Coaching

A body in motion stays in motion

The human body was created perfect.
It will heal and renew itself, if only we let it.
Get a customized plan for your body!

If you don't exercise, your muscles will become flabby and weak. Your heart and lungs won't function efficiently. And your joints will be stiff and easily injured. Inactivity is as much of a health risk as smoking!

Being active is just as important after your body has healed from having a baby as it is during pregnancy.



Because eating right is NOT A DIET.
Healthy Nutrition is never depriving yourself of what you need to strive. It is learning what is good and what is bad, and how to heal from the bad.

Initial Nutrition Consultation..........$130

During this initial session we will not only go over an in depth look at your medical history, but go through a very thorough nutritional assessment  Our We will work one-on-one with our clients to obtain current and past diet and activity information. This information will then be used to estimate energy intake and nutrient requirements. Many areas addressed are weight, appetite/intake, eating patterns, food preferences/dietary practices, estimation of typical energy and nutrient intake, stress, medication and/or supplement use.

Follow up Nutritional Session..........$95

During this session we will not only go over how your habits have changed since your last visit but we will cover things that are working and not working. We will find ways to modify your plan so that it better suits your lifestyle or better ways to implement the original plan.

Complete Pregnancy Nutritional Coaching Package..........$230

This includes learning how best to navigate the changing nutritional needs your body will have throughout your pregnancy or after your baby is born into your  postpartum pattern.

Each session will grow from the last, and will be completely built to your individual needs.


  • Initial Client Intake Questionnaire

    • Help determine what your goals are for your nutrition

  • In-home or online Consultation (1.5+ hrs)

    • During this session, we will:

      • review your questionnaire

      • cover prenatal or postpartum nutritional needs

      • discuss ways to include your whole family and lifestyle needs including ways to encourage healthy eating on the go

      • develop healthy practices to follow

  • Three follow-up phone calls (up to 1 hour each)

    • calls will be timed so that they will happen after the changes your body will be experiencing whether in pregnancy or in the postpartum period

  • Email support along the way

                                             As questions come up in your pregnancy, this support will play a key role in helping you make healthy,
                                                    stress free choices along the way. Together we will develop a plan to ​utilize along the way.


Toddler Eating session..........$50

This entails learning how best to navigate the changing nutritional needs your child's body will have throughout the beginning of their mental development.

Each session will build upon the last, and will be completely tailored to your child. This is a follow up to the initial visit.

A little help..........$50

Do you have a quick question? Could you use a little nutritional guidance or advice? Are you a Do It Yourselfer who just needs a little empowerment to help you meet your health goals? This is a great option for you. Specific advice and action plans discussed as time allows. This session is not for clients who need a more in depth look at their nutrition.

Pantry Review session...........$100

Each session includes:

  • Pantry/or refrigerator assessment and organization

  • Creating a plan around foods on hand

  • Developing your list of household cooking essentials

  • Weekly menu planning or calendar