YOUR Doula training,

YOUR WAY in your own time

There is room for compassion and empowerment in every birth.

Welcome to Austin Womb Service

Doula Certification program!

​You can attend births with us and other doulas in the community *subject to availability, of course

You learn in a one on one environment  during our workshop how to care for a woman during the most important day of her life with support in every step!


The way our course works...

Step one:

You sign up!

Then we email you your packet of course work and you obtain the needed materials

Step two:

You attend a birth in any setting as an observe

and start your classes

Step Three:

You finish your requirements as you go through the series, completing a tandem birth as a hands on support with us *if there are any of our clients who agree to a student doula or another doula in the community. * Our availability for clients is limited, but available

Step Four:

You Submit any other needed coursework and attend your final, solo birth

Once you have completed all the steps

We send you your certificate in the mail.

We also offer extra credit for a chance to receive honors in your certification!

Our Doula Course work includes:


:Read five books that will be reviewed -

-Doula Manual by Amy Kirbow

-The Birth Partner by Penny Simkin

-Dr. Jack Newman's Guide To Breastfeeding by Jack Newman

-Homebirth in the Hospital: Integrating Natural Childbirth with Modern Medicine by Stacey Marie Kerr

-The Doula Book: How a Trained Labor Companion Can Help You Have a Shorter, Easier, and Healthier Birth

by Marshall H. Klaus, John H. Kennell, Phyllis H. Klaus

:Complete an online or in person *(preferred) breastfeeding course

:There are Six Sections of course work -

Birth Doula Skills

Write 60 questions from each book, multiple choice

Communication Skills

Pregnancy, Birth & the Postpartum Period

Blog posts and Essay

Helping a woman care for a newborn



:Attend your three births -

One shadow birth

One tandem birth

One Solo birth


:Attend our 3 part class -




:Attend a childbirth education series (with us or separate) The fee for this class is not included in the training cost


Honors Course - Additional $100

Extra credit -

You must complete 5 items of extra credit in order to be awarded honors.

1. Volunteer one day in your community

2. Find three people that you know who have used doulas and get statements on how helpful or not their doula was

3. Read the book: How to Become Mother-Friendly: Policies & Procedures for Hospitals, Birth Centers, and Home Birth Services and write a two page report on how to help integrate this into your birth practices and how the community needs to improve their standards

4. Write a complete outline for a childbirth series

5. visit and write about how a vbac is different and what do you need to know to help your client


Frequently asked questions:

How long does the course take?
The course is 100% self paced. It can be completed in a number of weeks, or months depending on how fast you want to go through the work. Or you can take your time and go as slow as you like.

When are workshops scheduled?

The workshop is scheduled on an as needed basis. It can be scheduled with a group of students or for a private class

Are there any additional or hidden fees?

The only additional fees outside of our fee is the price of your classes (childbirth education and breastfeeding) which can be found at different costs or for free. And the price of the books.

Is this an apprenticeship program?

No! This is a self paced, self guided course that offers support every step of the way with resources, experience and help along the way when needed! You have the opportunity to attend births with us, if there are moms who are due during the time you are ready for a shadow birth and you are able to attend. There are also other students interested in shadowing, so its first available to attend. We suggest reaching out to other doulas in the community as well so that you are able to have multiple options for getting your birth experience, since this is often the longest part of the process!