Labor Support:

The Holistic Package

Everything you need.

and more.

For a better birth.

Whats included in the package

Free consultation

$2,600 Fee




All the support that is included in the BASIC package is included in this package as well... but keep reading to the bottom of the page:


Pregnancy Support:

Two (1 hour) Prenatal appointments:

     - Birth Plan Overview - Done in home or at a mutual meeting place (cafe or restaurant)

     - Prenatal meeting to discuss your pregnancy, go over comfort techniques, what to expect and how to

          prepare for your birth. During this visit, I give couples all of my tools and tricks so that they can find what is

          beneficial and helpful for both mom and partner.

          This visit can be in your home or your doula can attend a Doctors appointment instead.

     - In depth detailed end of pregnancy plan that includes great ways for partners to bond and connect

          in pregnancy to prepare for labor. Things to do in early labor, how to identify when to do to the

          hospital/birth center and when to call your doula, how to prepare for postpartum healing, and ways to help

          this experience be everything you want it to be. Also covers: Things to pack in your birthing bag, healing ways

          to relax or find healing.

     - UNLIMITED Phone and email support prenatally AND postpartum

Labor Support:

     - Phone support at first sign of labor

     - Availability (on call for you) from the moment you book your package!

          That is 24/7 on-call care with NO black-out dates --even on holidays or weekends.

     - In home support if desired (Recommended)

     - Meet you at home, the hospital or birth center and stay with you the duration of your birth

     - Pictures can be taken on your phone -  professional photography services available.

     - Written timeline of events (if desired)


Postpartum Support:

     - Initial latch and breastfeeding support

     - Insuring that both mom and dad are fed before departure

     - In depth detailed postpartum plan that includes postpartum meal planning, postpartum healing guide,

          postpartum exercise guide, normal newborn tips, helpful ways to deal with family members, and ways to

          help ease the transition of adding a baby to the family. This helps you to prepare for life after birth

     - One week in home visit (If needed - client to schedule)

     - Postpartum resources and referrals


-additional sessions of-

* More focus on deep relaxation during our prenatal sessions (2):

     - We spend an additional 10/15 mins during your two prenatal sessions focused on disconnecting, relaxing and grounding. This is really helpful to open the space for the focus of self care!

* Early Labor Relaxation Session (1)

     - The highest need for intervention during birth is because of maternal exhaustion.
         Start your labor off by lowering cortisol levels (the stress hormone) so as your labor progresses

          you will be well rested and ready to birth your baby! Studies have shown early labor relaxation

          can reduce your risk of intervention by 50%!!

* 1 week postpartum belly binding SESSION

     - a Maya abdominal massage self care class to help show you how to strengthen your muscles and promote

       healing while assessing your abdominal tone and diastasis recti

           Bengkung belly wrap session IS ncluded*


* 1 or 2 week postpartum Infant craniosacral and go over some infant soothing techniques 

(this is normally done at the 1 week visit, but if baby has a large amount of bruising, swelling or molding then it can be done at 2 weeks)


** If you decide to not upgrade to the holistic package, it does not mean that massage or other holistic comfort measures will not be provided as a means of relaxation DURING LABOR. This package is extra sessions to pamper mamas outside of the normal services!Skills will STILL be used to comfort during labor**

Payment plans are always available!

A 50% deposit is required to hold your space and the remaining balance is due at 32weeks of pregnancy if not paid upfront.

We accept payments with FSA and HSA cards,

Credit, Debit, Cash, Check

Barter and Farm equipment

and Cryptocurrencies

**There is a $20 travel fee may be due at every appointment for anyone outside of the immediate Austin Area. Which can be paid during each appointment**