Austin Area

Birth Centers:

- Round Rock and Salado *(Two locations): The Natural Birthing Center (Hands down the best care)

- Austin Area Birthing Centers (south and duval): I had three of my babies with their amazing midwives!

- Natural Beginnings Birthing center


- Sandra Tallbear CNM with The Natural Birthing center

- Chylain Krivensky, LM, CPM

- Dara Fields, CNM


- North Austin Medical Center

- Seton South West

Parents Groups:

- Partners in Parenting

- Austin Mothers of Multiples

- Your single parenting

- Austin Moms Network

- Austin Homeschoolers

- Austin Unschoolers

- Austin Free Forest School

Placenta Encapsulation:

- See our placenta page

Cord Blood Banking:

- Cryo- Cell -


Postpartum Meal Prep:

- Dinner Elf's in-home meal prep service: Use code MAGIC20 for $20 off at:



-Light Family Acupuncture - Dedicated to family health with acupuncture, nutrition, herbal medicine and Asian bodywork

-Austin Acupuncture Clinic - Will see clients once/twice for free to use as teaching purposes

- Sage Acupuncture - Specializes in fertility and reproductive disorders


- Central Austin

          Inner Sun Chiropractic - Dr. Ron Burnett 

- South Austin

          McKinley Chiropractic - Dr. McKinley & Dr. Maxwell

- North Austin

          VanDeWalle Chiropractic - Dr. Vanderwalle

- Round Rock

          **Dr. Ben Spitzenberger: Hands down my choice

Massage Therapists:

- North

          **Summer Greenlees -

- Central

          Belly Love Massage - Hannah Ford LMT, MTI

          Pure Touch - Jane Sampson LMT

Essential Oils:

- Peppermint Essential Oil- You can smell peppermint essential oil to ease nausea during labor. This oil is also incredibly helpful to use if you have back labor. Just massage on your lower back diluted.

- Lavender Essential Oil- Lavender is a very versatile essential oil you can use all throughout your labor to promote relaxation and ease muscle tension

- Frankincense Essential Oil- Use it to calm your emotions by inhaling the aroma

- Clary Sage Essential Oil- It encourages more effective contractions. You can also try this as a natural way to encourage labor.

- Myrrh Essential Oil- Inhaling the aroma of myrrh can also encourage the progression of natural labor.

- Rose Essential Oil- Rose essential oil for labor is relaxing and helps soften ligaments. I really like this smell (even if used in the cheaper Rose Water, Because it reminds women of the smell of romance)

- Jasmine Essential Oil- Jasmine evokes feelings of joy, peace, and self-confidence

- Helichrysum Essential Oil- Helichrysum essential oil is great to use on your perineum during delivery to increase skin elasticity. You can just use a small amount of helichrysum with a carrier oil and rub it on. This is great to use in combination with a ginger compress on your perineum.

- Black Pepper - a MUST have in case of back labor.

- Ylang Ylang - Can help advance labor 


These can be purchased in town or online.

I recommend buying them from

or in town at Garden of the Ancients -  4800 E Yager Ln, Manor, TX 78653



Because you wouldn't be ordering food from New York..