• Phone or in person Interview before hiring

  • 1 hour initial consult for need assessment and prioritization

  • 2 x 1 hr. plan presentation consults, spread out throughout your pregnancy and postpartum
    (Birth Plan & Prenatal)

  • 3 x 20 minute need-review phone sessions as you reach pregnancy milestones (2nd. trimester, 3rd. trimester, postpartum)

  • Creation of 3 personal Pregnancy Plans + 1 New Parent plan, created as your pregnancy progresses

  • Discussing Fears and concerns - the fear pain connection

  • Unlimited phone support through early labor. suggestions and reminders

  • Postpartum phone, email, text support and emailed postpartum tips and resources

  • Creation of your customized plan-of-action

  • Handouts and reference material

  • In debth Birth plan session to go over birthing choices, possible interventions, decisions and prenatal conversations to have with your doctor or midwife - in home

  • 2 hour in home prenatal visit. Includes comfort measures, tools for support, basic infant care, sudden birth class, baby wearing, and ways for you and your partner can connect in pregnancy to strenthen your support during labor, basic breastfeeding

  • Email close to due date with tips for early labor

Pregnancy Prep