Evidence Based Birth Class with a Holistic Approach to birth after a Cesarean

Just so you know, Your amazing!

Cesarean birth is still Birth! Preparing for a vaginal birth after a belly birth is a wonderful way to connect to this pregnancy in a way to make this experience different from the last.

The plus side of a VBAC

All the work that you did in your prior pregnancy and birth are so amazing and helpful for this pregnancy. Your baby may not have come out vaginally, but you get major credit points for all the work you did to get there!  

Things we cover in the class

  • The differences between a vaginal birth and a belly birth. What about the VBAC considerations - weigh the pros and cons of repeat cesarean & vaginal birth after cesarean

  • Things to do in pregnancy to prepare for birth

  • Mental preparation - SO much of a VBAC is mental. We talk about why.

  • Strategies to develop and strengthen the 'parenting partnership' (the mother and the other significant person who will co-parent your child)

  • What about a repeat belly birth? - Lets talk about your options!

  • Medications - Whats a tool and what you may want to avoid

  • Doctors protocols - Do you have a doctor you trust? Lets talk about care providers and birthing locations that are supportive of a VBAC

  • Hey! Have you written a birth plan? (or do you need to for that matter?) How to advocate for the care that is centered on your  desires, values and needs

  • Comfort measures for birth

  • What do doulas do (ha! That is a tongue tie! ) and what can they do-la for you! - Identify a strong support team for your VBAC birth

  • Ways to process your previous birth

  • How to be Informed and Ready

  • Healing after surgery - A holistic approach to healing your body from your previous surgery and after this birth

  • and How to forget everything you read and trust your body.

    This birth IS going to be different. And its going to be AMAZING. Every baby is different and every birth is life changing!

    Course time frame

This course average about 2 to 8 hours in length, being held in various formats to suit busy expectant parents and their support people.  They are usually held over several weeks on a weeknight evening, or over 1-3 weekends on Saturdays or Sundays.

It is best if the course can be completed before about 36 weeks gestation, particularly for the mother's comfort.  Those expecting more than one baby should aim to complete the course even earlier.

VBAC Class