Why I chose to not encapsulate my placenta for my first baby.

The first placenta I ever saw was after my cat birthed 7 kittens on my bathroom floor. She preceded to do something I never would have imagined with it and it was not so much of a pretty seen after that. She did not even hesitate to start cleaning up after herself and start taking care of her new kittens.

I asked my mom why she ate everything and she told me that animals ate it so that it would help them to produce breast milk to feed their babies.

I was 7.

Time after time I managed to sneak into the scene of an animal giving birth. Each time they cleaned up after themselves and went about their business caring for their babies.. It was normal to me and I never questioned it after finding out why they did it. When I was a teen, I came in contact with my first human placenta. Although I had seem a few women give birth, I had never been invited to explore it this closely. I had never touched one that didn't belong to an animal. It was heavier, stronger, larger and seemed more powerful then I had imagined it being. I thought about all the milk it could help the mom produce. As it got thrown in the trash I thought about all the ways humans and animals differed.

We were the intelligent species right?

Then why are we the ones with all these problems after our babies are born. How many moms did I know who said they couldn't breastfeed their babies. I had never seen a mom clean up after her birth like I saw so many animals do. Most didn't even get up to use the bathroom let alone be as active as the animals I saw give birth did. I remembered it being a lot different.

it saddened me.

As soon as I could I started learning about the benefits of the placenta for human consumption. I was taught how to clean and handle one from a midwife who had been doing it since she was young. She taught me that she would have a mom use just a piece to help stop her from bleeding to much after giving birth. She showed me how to turn it into medicine and I continue doing it to this day for moms.

When I became pregnant with my first baby I thought about all the reasons

I should use my placenta. All the things I could benefit from it.

But even then I didn't think I would need it.

I had a normal pregnancy. Didn't have any horrible history with depression.

I also didn't have much hormone fluctuations during puberty or during my periods other them normal teenage stuff and the occasional panic attack.

I thought that all those problems that I had seen women go through would not happen to me. I had enough stores in my body to not feel bad after having my baby. So I kept it in my freezer.

and I was right.

After my baby was born I felt great! I didn't have a bad birth experience and my recovery was "normal" for the most part. I didn't lose too much blood and I felt like I was doing pretty good with the normal changes of having a baby.

For about a week....

Then one night at 3 in the morning I woke up with the worst panic attack I have ever had. I did not feel like me. I did not feel like pre pregnant me, which I thought I was supposed to.

I did not know how I actually felt, but my chest felt tight and it was hard to breath. I had to wake my husband up and have him talk me down. After a couple hours I finally was able to feel okay enough to not worry about myself anymore.

That continued every other night for a week. I talked to my midwife about it and she asked if I was a big coffee drinker before being pregnant and suggested I try that. Which I was not a coffee drinker at all, but no one knew how to help me.

It got to the point where I was worried about being left alone. What if I had another panic attack? I did not feel incapable of caring for my baby at any time, but what if I freaked out? I did not feel normal anymore and it was only getting worse. I was not okay, but I did not know that until I came out of that experience. I got to the point where I could not nurse my baby without my legs shaking uncontrollably. I should have taken better care of myself but I was not able to.

It took some time for me to decide to use my placenta.

I cleaned and cooked it into a stew and after taking one bite I felt instantly better. Maybe it was hopefulness, maybe it was the placenta. All I know is that after that one bite I did not have another episode. Not one. My husband also had a bite too and he giggled like a little girl for 20 minutes straight. It was very silly to watch this man I knew so well immediately have uncontrollable laughter because of it.

I chose to not use my placenta because I did not think that I would need it.

I thought that I would feel normal after having my baby. That I would not be someone who would need it. Even with all my experience with it as medicine.

I was normal. I knew I was not crazy.

As it turns out that the majority of women experience some sort of postpartum mood disorder. So in this case the normal I experienced is not okay.

It is not okay that women are suffering after having their babies. When animals do not die after having babies, they do not get depressed or are unable to feed their babies.

After my next three babies I used my placentas and never had a problem with my healing again, both mental or physical. I got back to feeling better faster, I was able to feed my babies years longer then I was able to with my first. I was able to use take a few capsules when I was not able to come down from being stressed out with life.

I was able to take them when I had pms or just was not feeling normal.

The main reason I see women using their placentas are because of their fears of postpartum depression. Studies have shown that 13% of mothers are at risk to suffer from postpartum depression in the first year but it is still a lower chance compared to the high number of 50 - 85% of moms who are at risk for developing some sort of mood disorder in the first TWO weeks after having a baby.

There are many resources for making sure that the postpartum period is healing instead of stressful. Using your placenta is one way to getting back to normal faster.

It takes 2 years to completely heal from having a baby.

That is if your body is in optimal health and able to heal correctly.

Animals do not have problems after having babies. Why should we when there is a medicine that we can use to help us to feel better, or stop us from feeling bad before it starts. In the very least it is nutritional support to ensure that you are not suffering while your baby takes from you what they need.

I recommend it because for me I believe that it is better to have it and not need it. Then need it and not have it. I have never had a mom use it and say they wish they had not. I do in fact know of HUNDREDS of moms who wish they had at least tried it!

There are many things I wish I had done differently with my first baby, but the one I regret most is not using my placenta medicine earlier.

Women's bodies are made to give birth. We are not supposed to suffer after.

It does not have to be that way and if you or a friend are, please get the help you need! You are NOT alone.

Check out http://pphatx.org/ for resources in your area.

By consuming the placenta can you can help to

Decrease your chances of:

Postpartum depression or common postpartum mood disorders

Postpartum hemorrhaging or increased postpartum bleeding

Long recovery time

and Increase your:

Milk supply

Iron levels

Overall wellness

Positive moods

Aids in faster recovery

Helps you start to feel normal faster

Gives you back what your body has lost

Nutritional support

You can take it when you are sick

You can even save it and use it for emotional support during menopause! Lets face it ladies.. All of us will one day go through menopause. Instead of adding supplements or medications to your body to help support you through such a big shift in hormones, using your placenta can give you back the beneficial hormones that your body made for you.

The perfect medicine for you, by you.